Our additional products

The KÄRG family has many partners that offer prducts as amazing as KÄRG.
Here You can find some examples of those awsome products.

The Diamond

Woogs OÜ has made a new, beautiful and multipurpose product called “The Diamond”. It combines fireplace, grillplace and outdoor design element- all in one. The Diamond is available with and without windshield. Available to order also with a hanging 8L cast iron pot and a large stainless steel frying pan, diameter approx. 95 cm.
The Big Diamond is 1,4m in hight and 1,2m in diameter.
There are two portable grilles inside for barbequing and a lower one for wood, branches, charcoal etc.
The Diamond is black painted with heat resistant color.

Price: 580€ + VAT


To order, send an e-mail to Germo@karg.ee or call +372 51 42 046.