Karg 3.0

Our newest cabin or should we say minihouse has it all – bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. Karg 3.0 is 20m2 and it can be totally off the grid and of course this minihouse is portable.

And the most important thing, it hasn’t lost the main qualities:

  • The cabin is still built using only natural materials like straw panel, cellulose wool and wood.
  • Thanks to straw panel you still experience  an amazing sleep and also the EMF field is reduced.
  • And we are more than happy to handcraft the Karg Cabin interior the way You wish.


  • Karg 3.0 On the Grid 46 000€+TAX
  • Karg 3.0 Off the Grid 52 000€+TAX

Please note: Price does not include transportation or installation.