• Voose Solar House

    Voose Solar Home is full of positive energy! The unique straw panel house recharges the batteries itself and the people who visit it. Come try yourself – the crystal-clear air of the Kõrvemaa forests and the bumpy history of Voose bring together an unbelievably good aura for everyone!

    We organize unique team spirit music therapy sessions for corporate collectives, draw energy from the primeval forest and bog, walk in the footsteps of ancient legends in the highest mountains of Harjumaa. We also carry out cultural history tours and rent rooms in the Solar Home for seminars and presentations.

    In the immediate vicinity of the primeval forests and bogs of Kõrvemaa, the world’s first KARG village was opened!
    It is a patented design with sleeping cabins built from straw panels next to the Voose Solar Home.
    Sleeping in them is healthy and a refreshing sleep is guaranteed!

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  • Loovusait - Brainstorming Studio

    Do you feel that your team or company needs to organize brainstorming sessions for future projects?

    Then the Loovusait brainstorming studio is made for you!

    You can really relax in the private Hexahouse mini-houses located on the edge of a crop field – there is no TV, Wi-Fi or extra things here, only what is needed for rest and creation. The room has a double bed and a ceiling lamp with adjustable brightness – a large window and skylights create a spacious and bright space. Right behind the door is a hot tub (usability depends on the weather) and a Kärg sauna with toilet and shower. The time and number of times you can use the sauna is not limited. If you wish, you can use the fully equipped kitchen of the cafe (there is also Wi-Fi)

    The Kärg houses located in the forest are designed so that after brainstorming you have as peaceful and healthy sleep as possible. 3 Kärg cabins, one of which is built especially luxuriously with a panoramic roof, so that you can enjoy the starry sky right from your bed!

    At Loovusait, you have the perfect opportunity to disconnect yourself from everything and reconnect with creation, because you often run out of ideas! Accommodation in both Kärg and hexahouses is pleasant and warm all year round. And in order to make your accommodation experience even greater, the sparkling rhubarb & strawberry wine “Rosie” of Sidirikoja awaits you in your room, the aroma of which combines rhubarb and strawberry, creating a completely new and particularly exquisite experience.


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  • Adila Retreat Center

    Adila wellness and recreation center is the best place for those who are looking for a break from their daily routine or are looking to organize a bigger event, be it a wedding or a retreat.

    Adila wellness and recreation center is located 30 minutes by car from Tallinn in Kohila municipality in Raplamaa.

    Adila Center is good for people who value active vacations, but also for those who need silence and peace. If you want an active holiday, you can play tennis, mini golf, football, volleyball, pentanque and run in the forest. There is a new and versatile playground for children. Many events, conferences, weddings, sports and children’s camps and various  events have been finding their way to the Adila Wellness Center for several years now.

    Urmas Sõõrumaa values ​​spiritual co-creation, offering people the opportunity to create themselves and share creation with others. Adila wellness and recreation center is a sacred place that is constantly growing for future generations. Thanks to their nature, our Kärg houses are also ideal for Adila, because they fulfill all the requirements that the Adila wellness and recreation center wants to offer to its guests.

    In Adila, you can stay in five two-person Kärg cabins or even book a night in a very special bee therapy Kärg cabin, which is located in the middle of a bog – an ideal place to take time for yourself.

    The Adila wellness and recreation center is also home to the wood-burning Kärg Sauna – which, according to some customers, is the best of its kind!

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  • Karg Cabin 3.0 at Padise

    On the banks of the Kloostri river in Lääne- Harju municipality, there is a cozy Kärg 3.0 built from strawpanels and powered by solar panels!

    Kärg 3.0 is our premium product, where we have placed a bathroom, a kitchenette and a bedroom with a 2×2 bed, as well as a small rest area. And of course, we have not given up on any of Kärg’s value assessments of small houses – good sleep and freedom are the key words!

    Padise Kärgvillage, located a few minutes’ drive from Padise Monastery, full of rich history, is an ideal vacation spot for a longer stay, either alone or with the family. For adventurers, not far from Padise Kärg is the famous Rummu quarry, which is a delight for both young and old. After an adventure-filled day, fall asleep in your Kärg looking at the starry sky, open the door in the morning, listen to the birds singing and the murmur of the river only a few dozen meters away. Padise Kärg appeals to single souls, couples and families alike, because there is plenty of space.

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  • Ku:Kärg

    Ku:Kärg in Pärnu County characterizes itself as a recreation center focused on nature and sustainability, supported by our Kärg cabins.

    “There are many different types of Kärg cabins in Ku:Kärg – something for every taste. This is a place where you can relax as a couple, as a family or just as a group, without anyone missing out on the Kärg experience.

    “Although the best way to relax in a Kärg village is to enjoy a Kärg sauna, enjoy the excellent steam in our Kärg 3.0 lounge with a kitchenette and spend the night in a pleasantly cozy Kärg cabin, it can sometimes be nice to invite friends too. Our Kärg village can accommodate up to three couples at a time” – Ku: Kärg team.

    The owner of Ku:Kärg has characterized our Kärg cabins as follows: “I am a fan of Kärg for several other reasons.

    Some of the reasons are due to the properties of the Kärg: Sound and heat insulation, which ensure a cozy, pleasantly private and pleasantly peaceful environment all year round.

    Strawpanels combined with wood and cellulose wool  create a really pleasant environment, excellent energy efficiency and all this with a minimal ecological footprint. Kärg is ideal for the northern climate, enriching the backyard, cottage or why not even the yard of the apartment association with a nice sauna, “guest room” or office.”

    However, our Kärg team sees Ku:Kärg as an idyllic vacation spot for people who really love being close to nature, for whom ecology is important and who can appreciate the hospitality of a wonderful family.

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  • Stargazing cabin with a skylight “HÕUMY”

    Welcome to your own private oasis by the sea!

    Experience a dreamy getaway in our one-of-a-kind cabin with a panoramic skylight that lets you immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the night sky from the comfort of your own bed.

    During your stay, you’ll have access to a range of amenities that are designed to enhance your experience, including a pleasantly humid handmade sauna with a traditional wood-burning oven and juniper aroma panels, as well as an outdoor shower for cooling off afterwards. 

    For those seeking adventure, we offer SUP paddle boards for cruising the nearby sea bay and if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind, just soak in the bubbling hot tub while watching the sunset and enjoying your favourite drink! 

    A heartfelt salute to the entire KÄRG team in making this possible! Proud to be #kärglane

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    Yours: Aj&Martti


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