• Voose Solar House

    Voose Solar Home is full of positive energy! The unique straw panel house recharges the batteries itself and the people who visit it. Come try yourself – the crystal-clear air of the Kõrvemaa forests and the bumpy history of Voose bring together an unbelievably good aura for everyone!

    We organize unique team spirit music therapy sessions for corporate collectives, draw energy from the primeval forest and bog, walk in the footsteps of ancient legends in the highest mountains of Harjumaa. We also carry out cultural history tours and rent rooms in the Solar Home for seminars and presentations.

    In the immediate vicinity of the primeval forests and bogs of Kõrvemaa, the world’s first KARG village was opened!
    It is a patented design with sleeping cabins built from straw panels next to the Voose Solar Home.
    Sleeping in them is healthy and a refreshing sleep is guaranteed!  

    Book Your experience NOW – tanel.talve@gmail.com

  • Hexahouse at Loovusait

    Honeycomb shape tiny house is located at a former craftsman’s farm dating from the 19th century. This region is wilderness wonderland – enjoy swimming in bog or hiking in the wild nature on your own.

    In this noise free enviroment You can really relax – there is no TV and no wifi, just a double bed and a dimmable ceiling lamp. A large window and roof windows create a spacious and bright space.

    Right behind the door is a hot tub (usability depends on the weather) and a nother tiny house – a sauna with toilet and shower. If desired, you can use the fully equipped kitchen of the cafeteria (there is also wifi available).

    Book Your experience NOW – indrek@maripuu.eu

  • Adila Retreat Center

    Adila is perfect palce to retreat yourself and charge your batteries.

    In Adila you can spend a night in double Karg Cabin or book yourself a very special bee therapy Karg Cabin located in a bog area, where you can truly connect with yourself. 
    Also Adila is a home for our very famous wood heated Karg Sauna!


    Book Your experience NOW – https://adila.ee/kontakt/

  • Karg Cabin 3.0 at Padise

    From Padise You will find our all in Karg Cabin – Karg 3.0
    Karg 3.0 has it all – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge!

    This 20m2 tinycabin is perfect for those who would love to be away a bit longer than couple of days.

    Ofcourse all the benefits which Karg Cabin promises are still there!

    Book You experience NOW – www.facebook.com/padisekarjekyla

  • Ku:Kärg

    Ku:Kärg: “We’re specialised to nature, KÄRG Cabins and renewable energy. We care about sustainability.”

    Ku:Kärg is a village full of Kärg Cabins and by saying full we mean that there is a wide range of our Kärg Cabins. You can enjoy your time out as a couple, a family or as a small group of friends no one will miss a chance to have their Kärg Cabin experience.

    As Ku:Kärg team describes themselves “Although the best way to enjoy your time in the Kärg village is with your loved one –  just to have a nice “leil” (steam) in the sauna and after that, just relax in Kärg 3.0 lounge and have a amazing sleep in Kärg Cabin, it is nice to have your friends sometimes with you!” 

    Book Your experience NOW – kuu.freestyle.ee or write directly to aavo@kubja.com

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