KARG can be used all-year-round, it is fully solar-powered and easily transported whenever and wherever you desire. Solar panels provide the opportunity to have comfort wherever – use lighting, ventilation, charge Your mobile phone etc. KARG has a smart design solution with enough space that is used optimally. This means that the small building – only 12-20m2 on the outside – can easily get approval from the local government, yet on the inside it is spacious and cozy. KARG offers an opportunity to choose yourself the usage of the house – for resting, making music, as a souna or an office.


KARG always welcomes you with its smart solution, because it heats up very quickly, in just 10 minutes which means there is no need to plan the holiday long beforehand. Thanks to the materials used, KARG ensures good indoor climate which in turn provides thorough sleep and rest. Since KARG is easily transported to the place with view of Your dreams You can relax exactly where you’d like – by water, on a lone island or on a cliff.


Resting in KARG you can feel one with the nature. KARG is ideal for mental labour or getting away from everyday rush. A day a month is enough to take time to allow yourself relax and charge yourself, thus increasing the efficiency of your every day work. Or, you can move your work to KARG, because setting up an office environment that supports mental labour is always easier compared to working routinely in a usual office. The same applies to the KARG studio. Choose KARG and get your inspiration flowing.


In order to feel one with the nature, KARG is build from the most natural building material available on the market today.
There is no other company offering small buildings other than KARG that uses as natural material – KARG consist of straw panels, cellulose wool (insulation) and wood.

  • Straw panels ensure a very good micro climate, sound insulation, heat insulation and heat regulation in the building. The straw panel stores heat which provides a long-term stabile temperature in the building. It also decreases the differences in temperatures during summer and winter.
  • A good property of cellulose wool is collerction moisture inside itself and giving it off again over time. Mineral insulation materials lack this property. The “breathing” property of cellulose wool means that there is no need to use extra vapour barriers. The lack if vapour barrieris lets the building “breathe” better, increases the quality of micro climate and eliminates the damage by condensation water. In addition, cellulose wool keeps the construction dry during wet seasons, which decreases the evolving of thermal bridges and extends the life of the constructions.