Spend a night in KARG!

  • Voose Solar House

    Voose Solar Home is full of positive energy! The unique straw panel house recharges the batteries itself and the people who visit it. Come try yourself – the crystal-clear air of the Kõrvemaa forests and the bumpy history of Voose bring together an unbelievably good aura for everyone!

    We organize unique team spirit music therapy sessions for corporate collectives, draw energy from the primeval forest and bog, walk in the footsteps of ancient legends in the highest mountains of Harjumaa. We also carry out cultural history tours and rent rooms in the Solar Home for seminars and presentations.

    In the immediate vicinity of the primeval forests and bogs of Kõrvemaa, the world’s first KARG village was opened!
    It is a patented design with sleeping cabins built from straw panels next to the Voose Solar Home.
    Sleeping in them is healthy and a refreshing sleep is guaranteed!  

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  • Vango Holiday Village

    Vango Holiday Village is the newest location to offer all the benefits of KARG. A half an hour drive from Pärnu, in Vango Holiday Village, You can travel through the woods and listen to the noise of the trees with your ears and heart.

    Time can also be spent in sauna, swimming, at picnic or playing ball games. Some spend birthdays between the rustling forests, others seminar days. Some stretch a graceful yoga pose towards the rising sun, while others prefer to sunbathe on a small lake and sing to the birds. Whatever invites you to Vango, KARG is waiting for You There!

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